Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #49 "From the Earth"

Grow, that others may be planted through your experiences...

It's me again, as you already know. As I stated in the last blog, I think that I am going to write 2 or 3 of these today. Some days you just have a lot on your mind. Be sure you speak to someone you don't know today, it may make a difference in someones life. It will eventually play a large role in yours trust me, speaking from experience.

Ever been to a funeral and actually paid attention to what the preacher says before they lower the casket into the grave? It goes something like ashes to ashes and dust to dust. That pretty much means that we came from the Earth and will eventually go back. I like to believe that while we are here we are experiencing the things that come from the earth. Now how we analyze that object or person is on the individual. Different lifestyles, surroundings and human influence generally determines the mindset of an individual. What they take from this and give off to others determines character.

Ever pay attention to your life and recognize how God puts people and opportunities, that are of extreme importance, right in your face? Probably not, because half the time we don't even recognize what's going on. Today was really interesting to me. I was chatting with someone who I hadn't seen in years the other day on facebook, saw her today on the yard (university campus). I had a purple shirt and gold bow tie on today and as I was walking to the student center there were two people talking. The girl had on army fatigue pants and the guy had on a shirt that said Washington D.C., figure that out. Then I interviewed a faculty member for the book I am writing, went to the computer lab in the same building and who do I find?...the other members of my line for the first organization that I did at Alabama A&M. This was no coincidence. These are signs.

Yesterday I met someone because of an earthly substance...and come to find out we have a lot of things in common and will both be beneficial to each others careers in the future. Had it not been for that situation yesterday, we would have never met. Next time you talk somebody up, observe how quickly your paths cross. I love how things work out like a movie. Yesterday I had an interview with the Dean of Student Activities, and silly me left the ink pen. I tried calling the person that I rode on campus with, but couldn't reach them. So, quickly I was like God I need a pen. Now this is the killer as I was walking I pass by a friend of mine who happens to be playing with a pen. I immediately look up to the sky in amazement. This is how things are supposed to work.

As you go through your daily life pay close attention to every single detail, I guarantee it has some importance in your life. As you observe others be considerate of the life interpretations. Everyone doesn't think like you. Make priorities exactly what they are called, priorities and make sure that you exemplify what you claim you mean to people and what they are to you through your actions and not just your wonderfully put together words. There is something exciting out there for you, go get it!


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