Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #51 "Observation"

Don't let TV time be your only time of "Observation"!

What's going on everybody? I hope that everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! If you were in the Huntsville area or pretty much anywhere in the south, it was probably a wet celebration. It has been raining the past 2 and a half days here, but thankfully the weather people say that things will clear up tomorrow! We are already in the third day of the week, oh how swiftly these days go by. What progress are you making on your plans? Whatever it is that you want to accomplish in the week, go ahead and be sure that you are on the move. Procrastination is usually the only thing that holds us back from doing the things that we want to do.

Ever been in a situation where you just don't understand what in the world is going on? I know that I have. It seems as though in a lot of situations we find ourselves a little unsure of things because our vision is a bit blurry. You think that you have all the pieces to the puzzle and right when you get ready to place the last piece on the grid you realize that one or maybe even more of the pieces are apparently missing. Why is that? Simple, because we don't ask questions.

Now is this because we don't know what questions to ask? Usually not. It's usually because we have a little bit too much pride to look as though we don't know what's going on or simply because we already assume that we know the answer. Let's take a look at the food industry for a minute. Normally when you got to a restaurant, especially fast food joints...the waiter will repeat your order back to you to see if it's right or the drive thru technician will ask if the order on the screen is correct? What this does, regardless of what someone thinks it is, is reaffirmation to exactly what the order is.

Because we live in a microwave society where everything has to be done in an extremely fast fashion, we tend to loose the attention to detail. We tend to rather risk something being wrong and we being upset, than to just ask questions and get to the solution in an accurate manner. We find this in friendships, politics, education settings and even in the judicial system. If you are going to take on a responsibility why not do it fully? If you are going to handle a task for someone why not give it your 100%? If you are going to instruct someone on something why not be accessible to answer questions? How else do we learn?

Patience is said to be a virtue. I believe that it is a test. Patience is a test that will determine if you are able to balance human emotions with spiritual and energetic intellect. Having to combine these three elements is a very hard task and not for the faint at heart! We find ourselves always wanting our ambitions to go our way, always wanting our ideas to come across and be accepting by others initially and of course always wanting people to agree with what we say and regardless how others feel about it, to just deal with it. Selfish mentalities as such will only prolong the chance of things staying positive. Now sure enough, situations may appear to be going great, but trust me that too shall pass.

As we go through our everyday lives we will be surrounded with opportunities to test the knowledge of ourselves and others. We also will be granted the privilege of being exposed to things that we would have never imagined in our own minds. We have to be submissive of the common views in order to understand the uncommon. We have to humble to new understanding in order to be able to adapt to any circumstance and prevail at the end. We must also be stern in our effort to know exactly what's going on around us. So when your in a situation where you are a little oblivious to the atmosphere, be bold enough to ask for assistance in understanding. If you don't agree with someone or something and you have a valid reason that will probably be beneficial to more than just yourself, be wise enough to make an "Observation"...because that one moment in time could prevent some unwanted times in the future or simply show everyone exactly what's going on in that current situation.

Always observe what's going on around you! Analyze your every movement and watch the difference in the concept of living. You will be grateful. Speak to someone you don't know today! Peace...


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