Monday, September 12, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #55 "The Follow Up"

Sometimes it may take you a while on your most challenging endeavors...but keep pushing!

Hello my fellow citizens of the world! How are you? I hope that all is well...I'm making it around these parts nowadays, one foot in front of the other and one day at a time. Do I sound really old when I type like that? Just curious...I like to think that I am just a little more wise than my age wants to allow me, but that subject is for another day. This is the beginning of the work week so get to work! Organization for the week is key on this day, so get everything done.

Now tell me this...maybe someone has figured out the answer. Why is it so hard for people in our society to Follow Up with things? And I ask this, because I am a victim of the same behavior. We see it all the time with proposed agendas, appointments, rehearsals, events, individual progress and the list goes on and on. We look at our initial opportunity as enough to settle any progression. This means that our mind tells us the fact that "something" is done should be enough...there should be no need to go any further. A lot of times in the business world, you well see executive professionals present a plan and give a deadline. Not quite that simple with us common folk per-say.

The forest is filled with a plethora of trees. Many are in the same family, but no one tree is made identical to the next...people are the same way. Not to say that deadlines are always included, but even when they are set...a lot of times people, especially of the middle and lower class brackets, tend to deviate from what was intended. I am currently working on my first book entitled "The Study of Progress and Redemption" and though it is based on creating cohesive learning environments for students and teachers alike, it fits for the type of comparison that I am trying to do now. This book is a complete dialogue on understanding the ways of the mind of how it functions at certain ages and because of surroundings, family backgrounds and life situations. Not to make excuses, but this too is what happens with the people of our society. This has great effect on this matter.

There must come a time where we are able to sit down and not only analyze but forecast the events that are to take place in our lives. Things happen when you speak them into existence, but only when you follow up on what you speak. Just like the old saying about the horse, "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink"...that is so true with our lives as well. We can dream and imagine some life changing ideas, but what do we do with them? When something goes wrong how do you react? Does this now dictate the mood you will carry wherever you may go? Does this push you into a state of solitude because you develop a feeling that pushes you away from the world? Or do you analyze and forecast for the future? These are questions that we must ask ourselves.

I want to challenge everyone to be a coach for the week! This means that as things happen you will be taken notes. As situations occur, you will be analyzing and as you move from one exercise or responsibility to the next you will evaluate your progress and purpose. Don't let these great minds go to waist,because everyone is of great meaning and importance. As the day gets close to the end recollect on what happen, jot down what you feel was positive and what you thought was negative. Make adjustments and ensure that the next day and all those to follow will be better! I wish you all well, please feel free to comment and spread the word to your friends! Peace...


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