Friday, September 23, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #64 "What In the World?"

In this two toned world, life could be all smiles...But we chose to live differently...

Hello there my people! How are you? I am doing okay...I hope that all is more than decent on your end. I know that everyone is excited about the weekend =D What do you have planned? Share some ideas with me, I would really like to know what you guys and gals get into. It's kinda muggy outside today, so I guess that's relaxing weather for me. I have been trying to settle my nerves lately. A lot is going on and you know when you preach something it's pretty difficult eating your own words, but it teaches you a lot all in the process. Think about that as you go on with your daily activities.

I used to pick a weekly theme and branch off of it daily when I wrote these blogs. I am going to do something similar to that, today and next week. Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I love the 70's. It was just a time of open expression. From the hairstyles, to the style of clothing, all the mixtures of various colors and designs, the funk that was introduced to music, the humungous framed shades, the revolutionary movements put together by the last remaining rebels and of course all the new TV shows that would be hits for ages. If you saw my hair now, you'd think it was the new version of back then. But even with my passion for the 70's, I feel the most influential time of our nation was the 60's. This was the time everyone began making their own rules and judging actions from individual morals versus the tradition of given morals. Blacks were fighting for civil rights. The nation was at war overseas and technology was booming. Not to mention the political scene was monstrous.

Let's take a glimpse at 1964. Lyndon Johnson declares "War on Poverty". The Beatles release their first album in the U.S. and claim the top 5 spots on the Billboard charts. Magaret Smith, the first woman elected the the House and the Senate, becomes the first women to run for President of the United States. Television cameras make it to the moon. Nelson Mandela is sentenced to life in jail. The Ford Mustang is revealed. The HEMI racing engine debuts at the Daytona 500. The final Looney Tune is released. United Kingdom witnesses it's last two executions ever and of course President Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964, abolishing racial segregation in the United States. Ironically Michelle Obama was born this year as well. That's how God works, better pay attention. Oh yea the man, who shot the man that shot President Kennedy was arrested too. Amazing how things work out the way that they do.

Our nation was under so much turmoil that it was effecting the entire world. Surprisingly it was both good and bad. Pope Paul VI and Athenagoras I met in Jerusalem. This was the first time since the 15th century that the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches came together, so this was positive. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. became the youngest man to ever receive the Nobel Peace prize for his Civil Rights efforts; this was world changing. But of course there were wars and attempts to create bombs and use them. Was technology advancement such a great thing, or did it only propel our people into lunatic mentality having citizens? You had those who moved into the decade and enjoyed the new fashion trends and use of bright colors, but really had no interest in what they called "all that extra mumbo jumbo". They were satisfied with the cannabis alone.

This was indeed a time of change, that I feel many in our nation were not prepared for. Our public school systems witness outrage from day in to day out. This was also the first time that we witnessed student riots developing all over the nation. What use to be safe ground had turned into open field to open opportunity. Are you familiar with the federal reserve? If not you should research them, those are the people our nation owes for taxes. President Kennedy, along with designating funds for the advancement of technology, attempting to involve minority races in societal ordinance and having world changing experiments in outer space, was formatting a budget proposal that would rid our nation from having to pay taxes. Guess the man who was learning how to get rich and stay rich wasn't to happy about that. That's for another day as well. People never cease to amaze me!

Do you ever imagine, while you are in your history class, what in the world would make our people act the way that they do and go through with plans of destruction and self manifestation that they propose? It's so hard for the bad guy to stop because of greed and misunderstanding. Most bad guys are usually good, but someone didn't want to hear their plan or someone stole their idea and reaped the benefits. Can you blame them for retaliating the way they do? It's just like our society today...Government continuously raises taxes, gas prices are sky high, there are no jobs available, schools are unequipped and not secure, communities are UN-kept, some even disregarded and the term inflation is an understatement for our market economy nowadays...So why is it confusing when the crime and robbery rates are up, when school drop out rates are at an all time high, teen pregnancy is booming like a sub-woofer and no one seems to really be connected as neighbors anymore? Ha! This doesn't shock me one bit.

Look around you my people! What in the world is going on and what are we going to do to change it? Many people are confused about why Obama hasn't just gone into the White House and fixed all the problems...well that's simple, because he has no support. See in the 60's people voiced their opinion and had no fear about standing up for what they believed in. This was true because many people then focused on the bigger picture and that was progression for the masses, not just opportunity and royalties for the self. We must once again find the spirit to stand up for what we believe or we will continue to suffer as a nation. We must also learn to base our decisions off the effect that it will have on the masses, not just ourselves. Are you willing to make sacrifices in order to have a better nation. Are you willing to speak against wrong doing or do you want to foster the traumatizing condition that we have currently become accustomed to? The choice is yours!  

Enjoy your weekend! Make the best out of every situation. Be sure to find time to rest, you'll need it as the week begins again in a few days! Speak to someone you don't know. Peace!


History in the making...Kinda described our fast pace driven society at the time...

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