Thursday, September 15, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #58 "Classic Timing"

Right on time is so hard to find...

Man do these weeks fly by! How is everyone? Judging by the weather here, everybody is still in rest mode. The approach of autumn does that to the body seems like. I am doing pretty well. Trying to balance my desires alongside life's situations is still the task at hand...gets more interesting everyday. It's Thursday, so go ahead and get your weekend plans together if you hadn't already.

Do you ever ask God to just lead you right into what it is you feel you are supposed to do? Well, I have been doing that recently and let me tell you...when you ask him to show you something, he will do just that. The struggle in the mission however is truly understanding the given message all while fighting to ultimately do what you want to do...I look at the many temptations of life and wonder why are our minds so programmed to have things a certain way, more constantly...our way. Is it really that difficult to entertain a different perspective or choice of opinion?

When in search of something, patience is really not your ally in the battle. Now don't get me wrong, when you are training for a task, patience is vital in understanding what you need to do, but when it's time to go to work all of that kinda goes out the window. See when you are patient with a task, you allow for so many other situations to come a long and distract you. You need clarity. When one has clarity you then can organize timely and put things in it's proper order. With clarity you also know the objective, so you can know how to avoid road blocks.

Many times in life we will encounter altercations where we feel we are the victim in a situation. Do you look at this experience as a negative or positive influence to your life? Remember even in the midst of bad, there can be good. Sure enough, who in their right mind wants to be submissive when the outcome doesn't seem beneficial? I know I don't...but I also know that mentally, we are all on different levels. Life's various journeys will lead us in many different directions, a lot of times to only be redirected to a central location with people that are of importance in our life. So many times we go through something and do all we can to prevent it from happening again and then right when you least expect it,'re going through it again.

Just imagine this...Say you have a roommate, you buy food for the house and you don't mind sharing, but every time you come home nothing seems to be saved for you, your living environment becomes more like a hoovering environment. Because of this you decide you want a new roommate. Again you imply that you have no problem sharing and surprisingly this time the other person feels the same way. One weekend before you leave to go out of town, you go and buy let's say $200 worth of groceries, because you know your cousin who has no money will be in town next week. Ironically your roommate plans a party the same weekend you go out of town...long story short you come back all your food is gone and your roommate has no money to pay it back. After this encounter you decide you want to get your own place. Now is that really going to solve anything?

By being placed in similar situations on more than one occasion, the mind and physical emotions begin to analyze and formulate an idea on how to feel and how to react. It's kinda like how people treat intimate relationships at times...too often we base our present state off of previous experiences. Once a day is here that is the first time that we see it right? So why not start a new...because whether you want it to or not, yesterday and all the days before that, we will never see again...Any who, so while at this new place you find your lover and devote your time and energy into making things work accordingly for the two of you. Then along comes a friend of yours who constantly asks to eat with you, they never really contribute to the dinner but they always show up. Imagine that. What is your expected response? You have already went through this before, now even in your own place you feel this spell has followed you. UGH!!!

One thing we must always remind ourselves of however is that we never know the story of another individual unless we take the time to understand it. We never will realize why we go through what we go through until we take the time to understand everything that leads up to something happening. If you catch a head cold in the summer, you probably slept under too much cold air or you had some allergy problems. Something led you into having a cold. This is the same to how something led your first and second roommates into doing what they did. With your new encounter, the storyline might not be the same. This may be a good person who is going through something and is seeking assistance. To decipher what it is, is on you. By seeking understanding, you will find it and from there you will be able to make the right decisions. Everything you do leads up to a moment. Analyze and think more about the future before you decide how to react. Sure enough every tiger has stripes, but those same stripes vary in size, count and design.

Things will line up in a timely manner if you let them...but you have to seek that kind of lifestyle. Search for clarity and be responsive in  your situations. Have a great day...Peace!


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